Legal Business Listings

Legal Business Listings

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Legal Business Listings –  Welcome to our legal directory.  Where we post websites of attorneys, legal services and related materials. We invite you to submit your legal service website.  If you have a legal service that may of be of interest on this legal directory.  Please sign up using the Contact Form on the Contact page.  

We are accepting business categories such as: Admiralty (Maritime Law), Bankruptcy Law,  Business (Corporate) Law, Civil Rights Law, Criminal Law, Entertainment Law, Environmental Law, Family Law,  Health Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labor (Employment) Law, Military Law,  Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, and all related services for these categories.

For submissions we ask that your website be located in the United States.  Have good legal related content and have no offensive content.  Since this is a human edited directory, it may take 2 or 3 days to get your listing created and published.  Please do submit your directory. Follow the instructions on the Contact Page.  We will send you an email once your listing is published.

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Paralegal Degree Online

Paralegal Degree

Paralegal Degree Program – This program was formed by a small group of friends when we realized there was a shortage of truthful, unaffiliated, information available to students online. We want to help students get informed so they can make the best decision regarding their education and employment. Our goal is to provide useful, well researched rankings and resources to those interested in going to work in the paralegal field.

Our main editor is Oliver Plante. Oliver has been interested in the paralegal field his whole life. He was frustrated at the lack of information available to those seeking to become educated when he was looking to become educated himself. It was his frustration that caused us to start this site.

Paralegals spend their time helping lawyers carry out a wide variety of tasks. Some paralegals simply keep up with the paperwork that attorneys carry around, while others perform actual research. The exact duties that are carried out depends on the lawyer a person works for. To enter into the occupation of a paralegal, a person will need to go through paralegal training. There are many community colleges and universities that offer such programs.

Pursuing a career as a paralegal degree is an incredibly rewarding decision for many young adults. Paralegals have the opportunity to work in close conjunction with lawyers on legal cases without the need to attend several years of law school.

You can contact us through our Contact Page

Internet Legal Research Group

Internet Legal Research Group

Internet  Legal Research Group (ILRG) is a great website for thousands of legal forms and documents, this site was established to serve a resource of information on the internet. The subject area is for law and the legal profession, and an emphasis on the United States of America.  It was designed for everyone, lay persons, legal scholars and practitioners.  Great website for everyone.

If you are a legal professional, you will find a lot of answers to simple questions.  An important one is how much a legal professional should make in salaries. Or if you need to do continuing legal education.  There is a index to the CLE resources on the web.  Need Legal Associations, they have the information too.  Legal forms sources available and statutes and codes.  Do you need Federal and State Government Tax Forms?  They are available here at this website too.

Need Academia?  The website has outlined all law school courses in their Archive.  Want to study legal studies abroad, you will find information, brochures, and contact information to study abroad at most law schools world wide.

Law School Rankings are available at this website. So if you are not a lawyer already, you need to review these ranking reports on all the law schools.  This is a lot of raw data,  very educational. They review over 400 law schools.

Do you need Legal Research, this website runs a legal research tool. The index covers all 50 States, and the District of Columbia.  You really need to keep this website in your own personal index.  It has lots of good valuable information.

If you need Legal Forms and Documents or Research Information visit this website.

Internet Legal Research Group