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Legal Business Listings –  Welcome to our legal directory.  Where we post websites of attorneys, legal services and related materials. We invite you to submit your legal service website.  If you have a legal service that may of be of interest on this legal directory.  Please sign up using the Contact Form on the Contact page.  

We are accepting business categories such as: Admiralty (Maritime Law), Bankruptcy Law,  Business (Corporate) Law, Civil Rights Law, Criminal Law, Entertainment Law, Environmental Law, Family Law,  Health Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labor (Employment) Law, Military Law,  Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, and all related services for these categories.

For submissions we ask that your website be located in the United States.  Have good legal related content and have no offensive content.  Since this is a human edited directory, it may take 2 or 3 days to get your listing created and published.  Please do submit your directory. Follow the instructions on the Contact Page.  We will send you an email once your listing is published.

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Biz Journals Seattle News

Biz Journals Seattle News

Biz Journals Legal News

The Puget Sound Business Journal is a great resource for some of the legal news that happens in and around Seattle WA.   The publication contains articles about business people, and news that occur daily.  In fact in the photo above you see that the local Port of Seattle CEO’s job is in question after a DUI citation.  Not only does the publication cover legal news, but it hosts directory industries of accounting, advertising, business services, commercial real estate, construction, financial, health care, technology, insurance, and more…

For more information regarding this publication, visit their website at   You will be glad you did.   Or drop in and visit them at thier headquarters:  800 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington